It doesn't matter what type of real estate is in question. Our experience and formal training as Certified licensed appraisers make us qualified to provide home valuations in the Tri-state metro area of DC, MD & VA. For clients ranging from national mortgage companies to local lenders or individual businesses, AMC, Attorneys and homeowner consumers. In today's fast paced market, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, we know that time is still money, and therefore many lenders and AMC’s are accepting Hybrid valuation products. Many of them have the inspection portion completed by either an untrained or limited trained third-party inspector. Either way, mostly these third-party individuals are not licensed or certified residential appraisers. So why trust the biggest investment of your lifetime to someone not really qualified. Fannie & Freddie have/are accepting these products and have recently created Hybrid appraisal forms. Having completed many, and now as a subject matter expert of these products, I can personally tell you with 100% certainty that are not nearly as reliable or as accurate as an actual appraisal, completed by an appraiser with 20 years’ experience. That is why at M.C. Appraisals, Inc. We offer you a fast reliable and accurate and less expensive valuation product. Yes, we can provide an enhanced desktop, or an enhanced exterior valuation appraisal. These two products usually are completed in about two days. They both given you a complete analysis of the subject, comps, and market area with interior photos of the subject property. If the cost approach is needed, we can add it, If the Market condition form is needed, we can add that to. You will always be 100% confident that your getting the best valuation possible, in less time and for the best cost. So, why settle for just OK, when you can go another step better and get the complete picture that you and your clients deserve. Call or email us today. 410-827-0771/0772  
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